Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scorecard - 19APR10 - Royals V Blue Jays

What is the problem with all the balls and walks thrown by the Royals this year? It seems like the entire pitching staff has contracted whatever illness has been hanging around the bullpen. I'll call it "Balls" because it seems I'm not seeing anything else. Just lots of "Balls", and I'll be honest, it's not really something I enjoy looking at. Just isn't my thing... at all.

Here's the outcome from the first game of the Royals three game series with the Blue Jays. I sure hope the next two games don't have as many "Balls" splashed across my new HD television. HD "Balls", double ugh. I love you guys, just please, enough "Balls" on my screen ok?

Kansas City Royals:

Toronto Blue Jays:

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