Monday, April 12, 2010

Scorecard - 10APR10 - Red Sox V Royals

Another one bites the dust. Weekends are usually pretty busy for me, as my 3 year old son wants to actually do things instead of watch baseball with dad. Someday he will change his tune. :) Since I'm normally running around with the family on the weekends, I record the game, and then watch/score it after everyone else has gone to bed. Recaps on the weekend games will probably be brief, but I'll be sure to post up the scorecards as soon as I'm able.

Not much to say about this game, but if you are a Red Sox fan you got to see 5 homeruns, including back-to-back homers, unfortunately for Royals fans two of them came off Zack Greinke. Hermida and Varitek got a couple of meatballs to feast off of, and they did. The Red Sox ended up winning the game 8-3, at least it was a beautiful day. Enjoy the scorecard.

Boston Red Sox:

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Kansas City Royals:
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