Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Calling all cards Pt. 2

Since I'm posting everything else that crosses my mind baseball-wise here, I may as well post this as well. I've finally had to accept the realities of what can be found for Royals (and my Fantasy team) players as it pertains to baseball cards. So, with that in mind, I've decided to just get what I can find, as the desire to add the cards I can get outweighs my disappointment in the cards I can't.

These are the players and years I intend to start collecting. I will mainly be shooting for base cards, as I don't plan, nor want, to spend alot of money. This isn't something I'm wanting to do as an investment, but mainly as another way for me to enjoy my favorite team, and my fantasy players.

Kansas City Royals - all players 2005 to present
The Whippets (my fantasy team listed below) - cards from 2010 where possible, older if not available

Thats it. :) Not an enormous list by any means, but I'm sure it'll keep me occupied and entertained trying to track them down. Since I'm just going for base cards, I can't imagine it'll be too difficult (why do I tempt fate by even saying that?) to get what I'm looking for. I am sure I'll end up buying packs here and there of whatever product happens to catch my eye when I've got a couple dollars in my pocket, so hopefully I'll end up with some stuff to trade away for what I'm looking for. Otherwise I'll probably just pick cards up as singles.

Now, you may be asking yourself, Why only Royals from 2005 to present? Well, I only started following baseball, and the Royals, in 2005 so I figured I'd collect cards of players I've watched. Once I get caught up on the players I've seen here for the past 5 seasons, then I might work my way backwards. If I stumble across some of those cards now, I'll be happy about it, but I'm not concentrating on them.

If anyone has base cards of the players above that they have no desire to keep, let me know, I can find a good home for them. :) Hopefully I can return the favor at some point. With that said, I'm off to try and find a list of these cards so I can get a figure on how many I've just committed myself to trying to find lol.

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  1. i've got some cards for you. shoot me an email gcrlATcomcastDOTnet