Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Bad Surprise

Wow, I just don't know what to think about this one.

Danny Duffy, one of the Kansas City Royals top pitching prospects, up and walked away from baseball on Tuesday night. From what I've read the team doesn't think it is related to his strained left elbow, but who knows for sure what causes a top prospect to walk away from it all. It's odd to see him make this choice as it looked like he was on a fast track to the Majors, so I can't imagine it was a lack of future with the team. I will say this though, Zack Greinke walked away from baseball for a time, got things taken care of, and it looks to have paid off well for him. Hopefully Danny Duffy can do the same. Until he comes out and lets everyone know what the deal is, or just takes care of whatever the issue is, it'll just be pure speculation on why he made this choice. Looking forward to seeing you in a Kansas City Royals uniform again someday Danny.

To add to this theme a little, it seems like we have seen alot of injuries this year. I'll admit, none of them "appear" to be major, but we all know how teams keep things pretty hidden, remember Joakim Soria last year? Below is a list of the injuries I've heard about so far this year:

Alex Gordon: Broken thumb. Alex will not be on the starting day 25-man roster according to Trey Hillman. A broken thumb isn't the end of the world, but Alex was also injured right after the start of last season. Even though these injuries are not related, it makes me think.

Gil Meche: "stiff shoulder". Gil will not make his next spring training start, but says he will be ready for his first home start on April 7th. I sure hope this isn't a prelude to bad things for Gil, I still remember what happened to his shoulder last year.

Rick Ankiel: Ankle. Hopefully Rick will be back soon, haven't heard much more than his ankle is "sore".

Edwin Bellorin: Strained Quadriceps. Edwin is projected as the starting catcher for Class AAA Omaha.

Mike Moustakas: Pulled Oblique. Currently planned to start the season with Class AA Northwest Arkansas, Mike might miss up to 2 weeks, and the start of the season.

I don't pretend to have a long history of baseball, but this sure seems like alot of injuries to have before the start of a season for one team. Maybe it's just the nature of things, it still makes me nervous.

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