Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Favorite Card Designs... So Far

As I said a couple days ago, I got a bunch of Royals cards from gcrl in the mail. I scanned in a few of my favorites, and thought I'd share them here with you. Now, these are my favorites as far as design goes, sure I like Luke Hochevar and Joakim Soria, but I didn't pick these cards out because they were on them. Now, on to the cards.

First up, Topps Heritage. This card just reminds me of cards I used to see when I was alot younger. The layout of the back of the card with the cartoon, stats, and highlights just "looks right" to me. I also love the front of this card. The large closeup picture of the player with a smaller near-full-body shot, just looks cool.

Next, Upper Deck Series 1/2. Not a whole lot to say about the front of this one, I love the nice big picture that takes up the entire card. Clean, understated logo and name at the bottom. The back of the card using a cropped version of the front picture, while abit lazy, doesn't detract from the card. the only thing I don't like about this one... I wish the team logo filled the square its in, instead of having a white bar on the right side.

My favorite of the cards gcrl sent me, has to be this one. Classic, classy, just a very, very cool card in my eyes. Not alot needs to be said in my opinion, it speaks for itself.

My absolute favorite cards that I've gotten so far has to be the Allen & Ginter's. Everyone here knows what they look like, I haven't scanned of those yet to show you exactly. But those cards also speak for themselves, just gorgeous little pieces of cardboard art.

I've stated before that I'm a completist. After looking at alot of the card sets out there, I'm going to have to revise my want list. I still plan to concentrate on all 2005-present Royals that I can find, but will be adding a few sets to my list of things to collect. I'll mainly be after base cards sets, maybe working on a few short prints.

Right now, these are the sets that are intriguing to me:
Topps Series 1/2
Upper Deck Series 1/2
Topps Heritage
Topps T206
Allen & Ginter's

I'm sure that is far more than enough to keep me looking for cards for a long time to come heh.

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