Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cracking the Gibson, or something like that

So, I decided it was time to gamble with the Topps Million Card Giveaway, and see what my codes would get me. I had 6 codes to enter, below are the cards they revealed.

First code entered and I get a 2008 Series 2 Ryan Spilborghs from the Colorado Rockies, card #607. Could be worse, maybe the next one will be a Royal.

Next, I get this 1975 Series 1 Roy White, #375. Why is it that I'm always getting Yankees and Red Sox cards? Don't they know I'm a Royals fan and could give a flip about those teams? Anyway, moving on.

My third code goes into the system and spits out... wait for it. No, not a Yankee, a 1976 Denny Doyle Series 1 card. Yankees - Check, Red Sox - Check. This is annoying, maybe I should have listened to my dad and never gambled.

Who am I kidding, of course I'm going to put the last three codes into my personal Yankee/Red Sox card generator. In goes code number four, and out comes Dale Murphy, #210 from the 1989 Series 1 set. Ok, I can live with that, I remember seeing the Braves play a few times in the 80s.

Come on number 5! What is this card, looks pretty odd to me, but also kinda cool. It's Eddie Murray and a 1988 Record Breakers Card from Series 1. Can't help myself from thinking Eddie Murphy when I look at this one, what with the multiple Eddies on the card, looks like something Eddie Murphy would do. Well, if one of them was 500lbs+, could talk to animals, and had an alien in its head. Moving on.

Lucky number 6 goes into the Million-Card-Giveaway-don't-give-kcscorecards-any-royals-blackbox. I can just hear the Gibson chunking away at Topps HQ, trying like hell to deny me what I want. Then suddenly... Woohoo! A Royals player, and none other than Bo Jackson. I thought he was the MAN back in the 80s. Maybe gambling does pay off. Nah.

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