Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun with Numbers Pt. 2

I finished scoring the game from the 20th this morning. I had to listen to it online in order to get it finished, and won't be able to get that one, and the game from yesterday, scanned until I get home tonight. So, since I can't post anything scorecard related, I thought I'd do a little number crunching.

Sure, this is all just a bunch of number junk, anyone can manipulate numbers to say whatever they want, but I enjoy playing with numbers, so bear with me. :) I had a mini-rant the other day about all the balls and walks I've been seeing from the Royals, in particular the bullpen, this year. I figured, lets make up some new stats to prove my point... well, not really make anything up, just twist the numbers a little differently to try and generate relevant data to my observations.

Here they are, I broke down the Royals pitching squad and gave them a ranking based upon P/BB (Pitches per Walk), %STR (percent of strikes thrown), P/Out (Pitches per Out), and P/BF (Pitches per Batter Faced). This is what the numbers look like after my simple calculations.

To give these numbers abit more perspective, I took the pitching stats for two additional teams, and compared them to the Royals. I grabbed the numbers for the Twins, who at 11-4 are doing pretty well, and I got the numbers for the Cubs, who have the same 6-9 record as the Royals. I didn't break them out by pitcher, just a team-as-a-whole stat line.

Now, these numbers are fairly simplistic, but I think if I calculated this out for every team they wouldn't look overly wrong. I think I'll go work work on that right now actually. See if that tree bears any fruit. Enjoy.

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