Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scorecard - 12APR10 - Royals V Tigers

Luke Hochevar and Max Scherzer squared off again, this time at Comerica Park. When they squared off against each other last week, both pitchers walked away with a no-decision. Kyle Farnsworth picked up a win, and Jose Valverde got the loss in the 3-2 11 inning win by the Royals. This time, would be a little different.

Finally, a break-out day for the bats. The Royals really put things together, with help from the 4 errors committed by the Detroit Tigers, getting 10 runs on 15 hits.

Neither pitcher really had great stuff today, but Hochevar (1-0) had better run support, and only 1 error behind him. The failing of the Tigers defense attributed a fair amount to the loss for Scherzer (0-1) today, and he didn't help himself much either. A throwing error in the top of the 5th inning allowed David DeJesus to score to make it a 5-3 Royals lead.

Jose Guillen, and Carlos Guillen oddly enough, homered today for his third in the last two games. Maybe playing DH is helping him out more than he would like to admit. The Royals bullpen also had a decent day, if you ignore the trouble Kyle Farnsworth got himself into and then out of in the 9th inning. The past couple of games the bullpen has done a fair to decent job, far better what they were showing the first 5 games of the season, I only hope it continues. John Parrish had two hitless and scoreless innings behind Hochevar, and is starting to get folks around here talking about him.

Royals win 10-5 in Detroit, here is the scorecard, enjoy.

Visiting and winning Kansas City Royals:
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Hometown Detroit Tigers:
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  1. What do you do when a team bats around? Re-label the columns?

    Such an awesome idea to post these!

  2. yup, I just re-label the inning columns to account for it. So far having 12 inning columns hasn't caused me a problem, but if a game ever requires me to need a 13th column, I'll just pull out another sheet. :) Glad you like it, I enjoy scoring the games, and just thought I'd share them.

  3. You know, it does call to mind what would happen in the event of say, a 20 inning game :)

    Thanks for the tip. I have scored a handful of games in my life, though I usually have to wrack my brain a bit to do it. The last game I scored in person was Yankees / Red Sox back before it was yankeESPN Red Sox 24/7. I think it was 2003. It sounds like a while ago but it doesn't seem like it!

    Hopefully I'll pick up a few pointers. Again, I love the blog.