Friday, April 9, 2010

Scorecard - 09APR10 - Red Sox V Royals

I'm tired, and this game took alot out of me. I saw plays that I'd never seen before, screamed at my television, and stomped out of my house. I also howled with joy when the Royals pulled out a victory. :) This weekend is going to be busy around my house so the recaps will be short and sweet. Expect something like this:

1. Ortiz gets tossed arguing a strike!
2. Kendall had his foot outside the batters box on the bunt?!? really?
3. What the hell was that call on Guillen and the dead ball? I don't even understand.

I obviously need to peruse the rule book abit more, cause darn it all if I'm not confused tonight. However, the Royals pulled off a nice come from behind victory over the Boston Red Sox 4-3.

Tomorrow brings us a classic pitching matchup, Greinke V Beckett. I can't wait. Now the scorecard.

First up, the Boston Red Sox:

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The Hometown, winning, and once again .500 Kansas City Royals:
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